• Venous thrombosis

    Venous thrombosis

The clinic provides treatment for vascular thromboembolism of deep and superficial veins of the lower limb

The treatment includes:

> Pharmacotherapy (low-molecular-weight heparins, oral anticoagulants etc.)
> Laser therapy (bio stimulating laser, pulse laser with wavelength of 904mm)
> Infrared radiation, Compression therapy (antivaricose products)
> Interrupted pneumatic pressure (sequenced compression – BOA device)
> Local treatment
> General prophylaxis of thromboembolism

Patients suffering from lower limb varicose coinciding with thromboembolism of deep and superficial veins are prepped for surgeries, including hip arthroplasty. In this area, we cooperate with academic researchers: Dr hab. Bogdan Hajduk MD and Prof Dr hab. Ryszard Pacho MD.



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