• Varicose veins

    Varicose veins

Our clinic specialises in vascular surgery.

Lower limb varicose veins can be eliminated by cryosurgery. This procedure entails removing even the most extensive varicose veins after they had been freeze-dried. A golden tip probe frozen to -80°C is inserted through punctures 2-3mm deep. A varicose vein sticks to it (adhesion) and can be removed. It is the most modern method widely used in Western medicine and is has a number of obvious advantages, compared to traditional methods (e.g. mechanical stripping, Linton procedures). The procedure lasts 1.5-2 hours and the patient can leave the clinic immediately after. The surgery does not require narcosis, as we provide local anesthesia. Varicose veins are removed without incisions and full physical activity can be restored in just a few days, instead of weeks in the case of other methods. All our patients receive a life-long free medical assistance in our clinic.

Cryostripping method

The cryostripping method is used in treating all types of varicose veins: from the smallest to the most extensive, as well as venous ulcers and “spider veins”. Cryostripping is an optional method in varicose veins treatment after sclerotherapy and thrombophlebitis. Cryostripping has been found the most convenient method for removing meandering venous plexi. So far, we have successfully used this method to treat over 9,000 patients.również najdogodniejszym sposobem usuwania meandrowatych splotów żylnych. Tą metodą wyleczyliśmy ponad 9000 pacjentów.


- No need for hospitalisation; patients can go home after treatment
- Local anaesthesia
- Low invasiveness
- Fast therapeutic results

- Excellent cosmetic surgery results
- Short surgery time
- Low treatment costs




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